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We will help esteemed employers in all these stages in order to improve the process problems of different units of oil, gas, petrochemical and refinery industries.

Our core services 

Marine Ships and Boats Services


Quality training trains the crew toward safe operations, with the ability to get the most out of the equipment in all situations.


Marine Academy training for ABB equipment allows the highest operational performance leading to more sustainable and efficient operations.


With customized courses from Ceeport Marine Academy your crew will learn the most safe, efficient and sustainable operations.


Process Engineering

Process engineering is a chemical engineering specialty that designs, utilizes, controls, and optimizes chemical, physical, and biological processes to convert raw materials into valuable products with maximum output on the production line.


Corrosion Engineering

Corrosion engineering is an engineering specialty that applies scientific, technical, engineering skills, and knowledge of natural laws and physical resources to design and implement materials, structures, devices, systems, and procedures to manage corrosion.

Ceeport Corrosion Engineering Team has always tried to be best among the top brands providing corrosion engineering services by providing quality services and to help employers in the best way to control the corrosion phenomenon.


Corrosion Management System

Our corrosion management system (CMS) is the documented set of processes and procedures required for planning, executing, and continually improving the ability of ship owners to manage the threat of corrosion for existing and future assets and asset systems.

Shaft / Coupling Leaser Alignment Surveys

Laser Alignment and Vibration Survey

Shaft alignment is the process whereby two or more machines (typically a motor and pump) are positioned such that at the point of power transfer from one shaft to another, the axes of rotation of both shafts should be collinear when the machine is running under normal conditions.

What We Find:

Vibration (in shafts and foundation bolts).

Heat build-up (in shafts and couplings).

Bearing wear.

Seal wear.

Metal fatigue (in shafts, couplings & foundation bolts).

Increased power consumption (as much as 20% on misaligned units).


What We Do:

Power Generation (alignment of turbine shafts and casings)

Marine (alignment of gearboxes to prop shafts, main bearing pockets and stern tube bores)

Offshore (Motor shaft alignment, generator alignment)

Manufacturing (pump and motor alignment, machine train alignment)

Process (alignment of kilns and pump alignment)

Oil & Gas (alternator shaft alignment and machine base alignment)

Wind Generators (specialised shaft alignment services)


What We Help:

Prolonged bearing life

Reduced stress on couplings/reduced risk of overheating and breakage

Reduced wear on seals/prevents contamination and lubricant leakage

Reduced friction/reduced energy consumption Reduced noise/reduced vibration

Increased machinery productivity

Reduced replacement components and machinery downtime costs

With laser alignment tools we will check for three types of misalignments:

Parallel misalignments (Offset) Angular misalignments.

Combination of the two misalignments.

Both of the two main types (parallel and angular) can occur in vertical and horizontal planes.

➢ A. Parallel (offset) misalignment occurs when the centerlines of the two shafts are parallel but not in the same line. Shafts may be offset horizontally, meaning they’re offset to the left or right; or offset vertically, meaning they’re positioned at different heights.

➢ B. Angular misalignment occurs when the motor is offset at an angle in relation to the driven equipment. For example, if you were to draw an imaginary line from the centerline of the motor shaft and the centerline of the driven equipment shaft, the two lines would eventually cross rather than run along a common centerline. Angular misalignment can be horizontally or vertically misaligned. This type of misalignment can cause measurable damage to both the motor and driven equipment shafts over time.

➢ C. Combination misalignment is a combination of misalignment types that occurs when the motor shaft incurs both angular and parallel misalignment.

Features and Benefits

Quick and effective shaft alignments (9-12-3 alignment method)

Automatic measurements when heads are in correct position

Automatic reports with customisations (.pdf)

Live view

Machine library improving alignment workflow


Dry Docking Services

Dry docking is the biggest cost for any ship owner during the lifetime of vessel ownership. If this is not managed well through good operation, controls and expert management, costs can quickly wildly increase and times in dock can overrun, which will have an untimely impact on upcoming operating costs.

Ceeport technical management and engineering team is able to carry out the effective planning of dry dock and other major retrofits, repairs and conversions, as well as supervision of these services, to a high standard.

Our Dry Docking Service includes:

  • Administrator assigned to the project
  • Vessel inspection visit to identify docking works and deficiency
  • Preparation of a detailed repair specification
  • Spares parts ordered and subcontractors assigned
  • Shipyard contract awarded
  • Vessel completes dry docking and daily reports issued
  • Dry docking report issued as required


Training Academy

Professionally Train your ship crew for Operation and Troubleshooting With Ceeport Marine Academy training course, operators become more enterprising in operating and maintaining equipment, which results in increased availability and less downtime.

Shaft / Coupling Leaser Alignment Surveys

Thermographic Survey

Non-contact thermal imaging

Thermal Imaging Surveys

Thermal imaging surveys involve the use of thermal imaging cameras to visually represent surface temperatures of an object in order to identify thermal anomalies that indicate possible defects.

What We Find:

Poor connections

Overloaded circuits

Imbalanced loads

Poor cooling systems

Equipment defects / malfunction

Blockages / Restrictions


Scale Build Up

Sediment Build Up Out of alignment

Hot Spot


What We Do:

Offshore Oil and Gas Platforms

Oil And Gas Fields.

Maritime Industry.


Data Centre.

Warehouses & Storage.

What We Help:

Find Problems.

Reduce Fire Risk.

Reduce Downtime.

Thermal Imaging for Electrical Applications:

Thermographic Testing of Electrical Equipment. Thermography is a non-destructive test method that may be used to detect poor connections, unbalanced loads, deteriorated insulation, or other potential problems in energised electrical components.

Thermographic surveys on electrical distribution equipment can identify potential problems long before failure. They are often carried out in support of:

Commissioning new switchgear

Predictive maintenance activities

Insurance requirements

Fire risk assessment recommendations.

Typical items that would be incorporated within a survey would be: ➢ Electrical Distribution Boards and Main Panel Boards.

➢ Terminal connections & junction boxes.

➢ Cable Runs & Terminations.

➢ Electric Motors and Pumps.

➢ Power factor correction systems & controls. ➢ Transformers.

➢ UPS and battery systems.

➢ PLC systems.

Thermal imaging for Mechanical applications:

Thermal surveys can play an important part in checking your mechanical equipment and keeping it running to its full potential. Doing this quickly and efficiently, thermography also puts a stop to any time wastage so you can get on with your job with-out being slowed down.

Thermographic inspections of mechanical equipment identifies problems before failure, reducing unplanned downtime. Our thermography services are used for:

Commissioning new installations.

Baseline performance assessments.

Trending performance changes.

Predictive Maintenance Strategies.

Mechanical thermal imaging surveys are carried out on the following types of plant and equipment:

➢ Fuel Oil Driven Engine

➢ Motor Gearboxes

➢ Bearing Housings & Couplings

➢ Heat Exchangers

➢ Conveyor systems (bearings and drive chains or belts) ➢ Steam Line and trap’s

➢ Hydraulic systems

➢ Cargo Oil Pump (COP)

➢ Exhaust Gas Piping

➢ Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Panels.

how we work

Ceeport Marine Ships and Boats Services

Year Established
Competitive Price

Replacement parts come in three categories – genuine, Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and aftermarket. we are able to supply all, in very competitive price and best possible quality


We believe in approaching safety proactively from every angle to create a culture of zero harm.

Best Delivery Time

Optimizing the supply chain is essential for engineering and manufacturing (E&M) spare parts delivery. To fix a product defect or to accelerate the maintenance schedule of typically high-value E&M assets without incurring huge losses, the right spare parts must always be received in the right condition at the right time. Minute by minute, a halted production line or an AOG (aircraft on ground) can cost an organization thousands of dollars. Time is literally money in these situations.

Ceeport Marine Ships and Boats Services is one of the best boat service providers out there. I’ve been using the company for years now and have never been disappointed with any of their services. They are always friendly and knowledgeable, providing me with all the information that I need to make an informed decision about my boat.

Chad Zebita
Ship Owner

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